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Forza Horizon 3 Review

Time well spent Driving in games is something that I’ve always enjoyed. I remember being absolutely blown away by the graphics in the original Gran Turismo on PS1. Fast forward a couple of decades and you have this gem of a game by Playground Games and Turn 10. The action never stops, and neither does…More

Twitch Finalizes Agreement With The National Music Publishers’ Association

Its official! Twitch has entered into an agreement with the National Music Publisher’s Association according to an email sent to content creators (including me!) Twitch states that this agreement will “build productive partnerships between Twitch and music publishers.” the company portends that a new process will be implemented that will be more flexible than the…More

Episode 3

Summary In this episode of MegaSound Waves, I give you my review of Borderlands 2 (my backlog is CRAZY long, sorry), I compare Game Pass Ultimate with PlayStation Now/Plus, AND provide you EnLightened Ones with a life update. Thank you so, so much for your support! As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. — This…More

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Picture of Isaac aka MegaMan32

Isaac aka MegaMan32

Since the age of 5, Isaac has wanted to work in game development. He recently graduated with a degree in Software Engineering in order to help achieve that dream. He’s a lifelong gamer, a proud father of 3, and a loving husband. He takes “nerd” as a compliment.

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