Twitch Finalizes Agreement With The National Music Publishers’ Association

Its official! Twitch has entered into an agreement with the National Music Publisher’s Association according to an email sent to content creators (including me!) Twitch states that this agreement will “build productive partnerships between Twitch and music publishers.” the company portends that a new process will be implemented that will be more flexible than the current DMCA.

The biggest change that can be gleaned from the email is that content creators will now be issued a warning. “Offending” works, such as clips and VODs can still be taken down immediately from the site. If a creator is a repeat offender, additional warnings and/or penalties will be rendered. “Wait, how is this any different at all” you may be thinking…and there really isn’t a good answer. From what can be inferred in the email, this “warning” is Twitch telling you why they pulled the clip, and what should be done going forward. But shouldn’t communicating with your creators be the very least the platform could do? “Thanks Twitch, for having basic communication skills and telling me what I did wrong.” Seems to be a pretty low bar. And what about games like Forza Horizon that have licensed music in it? Twitch states that there’ll be more information forthcoming at a future date. Guess we should continue to play with music off, or use StreamBeats instead.

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